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      Communication | What are the performance advantages of chest ironer and how to maintain effectively? Listen to them!

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      In large washing plants, a set of intelligent linkage high-speed finishing production line can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve washing quality; moreover, it has incomparable advantages in energy saving and environmental protection, prolonging the service life of linen and saving labor. Ironing is one of the most important links in finishing. So, how to choose the efficient ironer? Generally speaking, there are two types of ironer, chest ironer and roll ironer. Today, experts from the R & D Department of Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd. will bring us have a look inside of chest ironer.

      Question:What is the chest ironer? What is the fixed chest and flexible chest?

      Weishi R & D department:Chest ironer is named mainly because its ironing heating parts are different from roll ironer. The cross section of the heating part is C-shaped, much like a water tank for drinking horses.

      When the chest ironer works, the linen is flattened and placed on the ironing belt of the cloth feeding table. Driven by the ironing belt, the linen is rolled by the felt wrapped on the roller and sent into the chest plate which has been heated by steam. Through the pressing force of the roller and the friction force of the rotary operation, the linen and the slot plate will slide relatively, and the cloth grass will be sent to the back roller or cloth outlet under the guidance of the guiding belt. At the same time, in the ironing process, the fan always dehumidifies the water vapor generated by the heating in the roll, so as to achieve the effect of linen ironing quickly.

      Chest ironing can be divided into fixed chest and flexible chest. The body of fixed chest is made of carbon steel, and the pressure and the steam temperature is getting higher, the working efficiency is getting perfect ; the body of flexible chest is carbon steel plate or stainless steel. No matter the chest ironer with single roll, double roll or multi-roll, the working principle is the same, the difference is shown in the repeated times of ironing process and speed.

      The biggest advantage of chest ironer is that the great ironing performance, especially the double-layer cloth of pillow case and quilt cover, and the steam thermal efficiency is high; compared with roll ironer, the price of chest ironer is relatively high, and the requirements of the steam pressure and temperature are more strict.


                                                                    Fixed chest                                                         Flexible chest

      Question: How about the application of Weishi chest ironer in China? What is the feedback from customers?


      Weishi R & D department:Weishi predicted after 2010 that the finishing line will be a huge opportunity and bottleneck for the development of washing equipment automation. Under the careful leadership of chairman LV Liyi, we spent a lot of time and resources on the comprehensive research and innovation of finishing line. The patent "roll pressure independently" is one of the achievements.

      In recent years, many domestic large and medium-sized hospitality laundry and hospital laundry factories, such as Beijing Dongfang Taiyue, Zhejiang Yalan, Guangdong Jianhong, Langfang xueluodan and Shanghai Jiebao, have purchased a large number of new ironing equipment, or replaced the original ironing equipment, and purchased Weishi chest ironer. After our research , the reason why customers choose Weishi chest ironer is mainly based on the following reasons in the technical level:

      1、High quality ironing effect

      The pressure of the roll can be adjusted independently to ensure the high quality of ironing.

      The speed of each roll is controlled by frequency conversion. The rotation speed difference between the front and back rolls can better stretch the linen and ensure the best ironing quality. In the case of no pressure, according to the different weights on both sides of the roller, the air cylinder is used to compensate the weight difference, so as to keep the pressure consistent; the moisture can be discharged in time by using the dehumidification system, so that the fabric is easier to set and the linen ironing is more smooth.

      In addition, the fixed chest used by Weishi adopts special customized thick wall low carbon alloy steel plate for finishing and welding, and the chest surface is polished to achieve excellent ironing quality.

      2、Greatly reduce energy consumption

      Weishi's special customized rigid tank has the best heat conduction performance to ensure stable evaporation efficiency; while the double-layer flexible tank forms a cavity by flushing and pressurizing, which increases the steam flow rate to ensure efficient heat conduction efficiency and temperature uniformity; the fully enclosed frame design makes the inner wall covered with thermal insulation layer to isolate heat leakage, reduce heat source waste and ensure the lowest heat loss.

      3、Efficient, safe and reliable

      Each roller is equipped with a specially designed fan to ensure more powerful dehumidification capacity; the motor power is transmitted to the reducer through the belt and drives the roller to rotate to eliminate the phenomenon of slipping and slowing down; the heat loss is small, the ironing quality is stable, and the working efficiency can be increased by 40% - 50% compared with the roller ironing machine with the same diameter.

      Automatic control of temperature sensor and steam valve ensures the removal of condensate, makes steam flow more smoothly, improves the utilization rate of heat energy, and improves the ironing speed, which is more than twice the speed of roll ironer.

      Each steam return pipe is equipped with temperature sensor and wrapped with insulation layer to ensure a safe working environment.

      4、Flexible combination, suit measures to local conditions

      Flexibility and customization have always been the magic weapon of Weishi. In addition, according to the customer's needs, different heating methods can be selected, such as: 10-1200mm roller/1600mm roller; according to the customer's demands, different heating methods can also be selected.

      Question: In the above description, there are a lot of technical terms about chest ironer, which can be popularized for us. What are the main structural parts that have a great impact on the final use results of chest ironer, and what are their functions? 


      Weishi R & D department:Generally speaking, the main structural components of chest ironer include the following parts:

      1、Ironing chest: It is the core part of the machine. It adopts the arc surface large enveloping angle structure (effective range 180 °), and the effective contact area with the pressure roller reaches more than 90%. The outer layer is fully enclosed for heat insulation. Its structure design and processing technology are the key. After years of technology accumulation, Weishi has the ability to process fixed and flexible ironing chest independently.

      2、Heating roll: It is an important part of the machine, the cover has many evenly distributed through holes, the cover surface winding spiral spring and wear-resistant cloth pad, central dehumidification. The fabric is driven by the static friction between the roller pad and the fabric, which is pressed and heated on the chest surface, and the moisture is extracted at the same time.

      3、Heating roll spring: The spring enables the heating roll to rise slightly, so that small pieces of linen can pass through the ironer smoothly without deformation. If a large amount of blockage occurs, the deformation force will be transmitted to the chest special support spring which can absorb this force, so as to keep the chest and side plate intact and not deformed.

      4、Exhaust control: Trough ironing generally adopts forced negative pressure ventilation exchange. The exhaust is affected by a fan, which reduces the humidity and temperature of the linen surface, thus increasing the temperature difference and humidity difference. The evaporation water capacity per unit area is about 50% higher than that of the roll ironer, ensuring that the evaporated water vapor is fully discharged.

      5、Transmission part: Its main driving forms are centralized transmission and independent transmission. Independent drive is the independent drive of each group of rolls, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

      6、Pneumatic control system: Used to separate the combination of roll and chest. When the machine is started, let the chest and roll combine, then press and iron the linen, and when the machine is stopped, let the chest and roll separate. In addition, the combination of chest bottom and roll can be adjusted to make the linen uniform and press better.

      7、Steam preheating and emptying device: Some chest ironer manufacturers will install steam preheating and emptying device on the chest. When starting up, the chest will be preheated to make the steam fill the whole chest perfectly, so as to ensure even ironing. It should be noted that during the use process, the end of preheating needs to be closed.

      Question: as we all know, the maintenance of the equipment is also very important, and many users are very concerned about it. Can you introduce some key maintenance factors to maintain the quality of the chest ironer?

      Weishi R & D department:

      1、Felt. The main functions of felt in chest ironer are moisture absorption, heat insulation, dust prevention, anti-static and anti abrasion. Different steam pressure, steam temperature, steam quality, linen category and moisture content of linen will affect the consumption of felt. The service life and quality of felt also have a great impact on the quality of linen ironing.

      2、Polish. The purpose is to make the surface of the chest smooth, reduce friction and prevent linen wrinkle. In general, after using about four hours, you need to use cerecloth with special wax to pass through the tank. Good wax volatilization process will not produce residue, felt is not easy to pollution; poor wax melting point is low, residue will volatilize after leaving dirty. Wax timing, temperature, frequency are very important.

      3、Guiding belt. In the ironer, the guiding belt is mainly used to guide the linen to complete the effective transmission on the surface of the heated roll and chest. At the end of the work, the chest ironer will lift the roll by the air cylinder and other tools to speed up the heat dissipation of the chest plate. At this time, the guiding belt installed at the end of the ironer will tension the guiding belt on the guide wheel through the guide rod. If the function of the guiding belt is blocked, it is very easy to cause the butterfly pattern or even the large volume of linen in the ironing process.

      4、Drain valve. The steam trap is a very important part of the chest ironer. Its main function is to improve the heat transfer efficiency, remove condensate, ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and reduce steam loss. Therefore, the safety and stable use of the steam trap affect the ironing effect and efficiency of the whole machine.

      Concluding remarks

      An excellent ironing machine is the core part of the flatwork finishing system. Does the introduction of chest ironer today include all the contents you want to know? If you are interested in learning about details of Weishi' technology and product. Please visit our website:http://www.myoracleguide.com  find more contents 。

      SOURCE:Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co.,Ltd

      Published:  Laundryworld 8,Dec.2020

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